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SKU: 61913

Nephrite Freshness, Herb Night Sanitary Pads, Super are a new generation of personal hygiene products with the patented phytocomplex that was worked out in the Guangzhou scientific research institution.


Herbs included in the complex:

– eliminate bacteria and unpleasant odour;

– relieve itching and irritations;

– help to normalize menstrual period;

– care for women’s health, give the feeling of comfort and freshness.


Nephrite Freshness, Herb Night Sanitary Pads, Super are:

– 6 protective layers. We added an additional cellulose layer to improve absorption and, consequently, reliability;

– the absorbing layer contains 20% more gel*, and that means that the absorption speed is now even higher! Important: we use the same absorbent in the new sanitary pads as in baby diapers;

– the number of protective barriers that block leaking have been increased twice – now there are 10* of them;

– “breathing” natural upper layer with improved perforation.


*In comparison with Nephrite Freshness sanitary pads from the previous product line.


Application: Intended for sleep time use during menstrual periods.

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