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Unique Tibetan formula!


The shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes your scalp and hair. Its bioactive components that contain phytoestrogens restore the weakened and damaged hair follicles, stimulate new hair growth, and prevent further hair loss. It is suitable for all ages (over 10 years) and hair types.

The ginger extract and the complex of Tibetan herbs that shampoo contains improve the blood supply to the hair follicles, eliminate dandruff, and maintain the pH balance.






It directly affects the hair bulb and the entire length of each individual hair;

promotes the emergence of new hair.

stops hair loss.

nourishes and restores the healthy and beautiful hair look;

provides perfect hygiene for your scalp;

regulates sebum secretion, increasing the oxygen flow to the hair roots;

stimulates blood circulation of the scalp;

strengthens the texture of the hair and smooths out hair irregularities, making it shiny and healthy.



Apply on wet hair, massaging a little, and then rinse.


Hair Growth Activator Mask “Bio Rehab”, 8.81 oz / 250 g


Thanks to the unique Tibetan formula, Bio Rehab Hair Growth Activator Mask form the series Bio Rehab stimulates hair growth within 3 weeks upon the first application, as expected. It strengthens hair structure, improves its elasticity, and prevents breakage. It has a stimulating and nourishing effect on the entire length of your hair. The active ingredients, such as mountain ginger and ginseng, have a beneficial effect on the hair structure and roots; they strengthen, tone and restore hair vitality. The unique Tibetan formula stimulates the hair follicles action.


Active ingredients:


Panthenol (provitamin B5) – it moisturizes your hair, and restores its structure.


Climbazole – the latest anti-dandruff ingredient: it prevents the spread of dandruff-causing fungus malassenzia without disturbing the bacterial flora of the scalp, and reduces peeling and itching.




Apply on a clean, wet hair over its entire length. Leave the mask for 10 minutes, then rinse. You can use it every time you wash your hair.

For a greater effect, massage the scalp and/or wrap your hair with a hot towel for 10-20 minutes.


Hair Growth Activator Shampoo “Bio Rehab” is Great!

















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