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DD tonal matting agent – cushion for oily skin Pro Visage TianDe – Flawless skin tone and matte DESCRIPTION:
Do you have oily or combination skin and every day you are faced with the problem of choosing a foundation? An unaesthetic shine appears literally in a couple of hours, and does the tone seem to evaporate from the face? If you are familiar with these “symptoms”, then feel free to choose the matting cushion for oily skin from TianDe.The cushion for oily skin thanks to absorbent components will help to keep the T-zone under control, will not clog pores and will take care of the skin all day!DD tonal matting agent – this is a perfectly even and matte skin tone all day even in the T-zone, comfortable application, perfect fusion with skin color, 100% masking of imperfections and fine wrinkles, protecting the skin from adverse environmental influences, moisturizing and protecting from ultraviolet light.The product contains vitamin E for antioxidant protection, a hydro complex for deep moisturizing, UV filters for protection and a complex of absorbents with the amino acid lysine to protect against oily sheen.DD-cream, which is soaked in a sponge, is a new word in the cosmetics industry. DD is an abbreviation that stands for Dynamic Do-All, or “dynamic cream that does everything.” The name is very promising, isn’t it? This tool includes all the benefits of previous brothers – BB- and SS-creams: it moisturizes, cares, rejuvenates and disguises.It combines several cosmetics at once. Now you don’t have to carry a bloated cosmetic bag with you everywhere! It is compact and easy to use, like powder. It has good hiding power and hides all defects like a foundation. In addition, it protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation!Cushion TianDe is a compact case that contains everything to create the perfect tone! Inside the stylish box you will see a sponge pillow soaked in light foundation, a special applicator for even application and a compact mirror with which you can fix the make-up at any skin.

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