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Collagen Active Line
The human skin changes from the age of 35. It starts to lack firmness and elasticity as less collagen is being produced.
The first sign of reduced production of collagen is the appearance of facial wrinkles. During the first five years after the start of menopause, the skin loses 30% of its initial collagen level. Therefore, it is very important to apply cosmetics appropriate to the age at this time. The TianDe Collagen Active Line is based on the hydrolyzate of floral collagen. It is a response to the basic needs of women, using modern technology, effectively solving the problems of skin changes caused by age.

Collagen hydrolyzate (Hydrolyzed Collagen) –is a product obtained from hydrolysis of collagen (fibrillated protein). Collagen consists of amino acids: asparagine, leucine, glutamate acid, lysine, glycerin, valine and methionine. It positively affects the functional condition of the skin, moisturizes and regenerates. It has nutritional, rejuvenating and healing properties.

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