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SKU 20144
Aloe Styling Hairspray

Haircare and a perfect hairdo at the same time?

With the new Aloe Styling Hairspray for Volume and Flexibility from TianDe, it’s possible!

You can set your hairdo, give your hair volume without weighing it down, highlight individual strands and make curls – experiment, change your style up every day!

Forget styling products that are harmful to your hair – with this new hairspray from TianDe, your locks will look impeccable while staying healthy.

What style do you want today?

Maybe one with playful ringlets? It’s easy!
Make the ringlets the way you normally would – wrap your hair in rollers or around a curling iron – and then set in place with this TianDe hairspray.

Prefer the natural look but want your hair to be as well-groomed as a cover-girl’s?

Wash your hair, dry lightly with a towel and use this aloe hairspray, then dry with a hair-dryer. Your locks will take on a dazzling shine and healthy appearance.

Need more volume? Also no problem! After washing your hair, lightly towel dry and treat the root area with this TianDe hairspray, then dry with a dryer while lifting root sections upwards with a brush. The result: natural volume without excess weight!

Hounded by static electricity? Does your hair “stand on end” in any weather and refuse to listen to you? Apply this aloe hairspray from TianDe to your dry hair at the end of styling and forget about your “dandelion head.” Now, your locks will lie without a hair out of place and look simply amazing.


Apply the styling hairspray to dry or damp hair and enjoy your beautiful hairdo!

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