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What are hydrogel patches?


This is an incredible invention that combines several important qualities: the capabilities of the cream, the mask, topical application, quick effect. 

The patches are designed for express skin care around the eyes. They are molded pieces of hydrogel (“concentrated jelly” containing many nutrients) that are placed under the eyes for 15 minutes.

Use hydrogel patches immediately after a morning wash – you will notice the result after 15 minutes! All the time you can do the usual morning activities, the patches do not interfere. Due to their special structure, they firmly hold on to the lower eyelids. Use them not only in the morning – they work great anytime of the day! Use them as an emergency beauty tool before an important meeting or party and no one will understand that you spent a sleepless night before!

Hydrogel eyelid patches Peptide mix – give a second youthful skin: reduce, correct mimic wrinkles; strengthen the structure of the skin, increase its elasticity and tightness;Ideal for skin care with age-restricted elasticity or sun damage.

The participating peptides of the last generation work not on the consequence (wrinkles) but on the causes of the problem. In the body, peptides are “carriers of information”. They transfer biological information from one cell to another for everything in the body to function properly. Peptides cause skin cells to perform their functions 100% as they did at a young age. As a result, wrinkles are smoothed and skin becomes radiant.Hydrogel eyelid patches Peptide mix contains the most modern and effective components for your beauty:peptide nanocomplex Matrixyl 3000 – provides skin regeneration at the cellular level.

An innovative anti-wrinkle remedy. The matrix is composed of specific components – the matrix, which, after application to the skin, are directed directly to the target and activate the regeneration processes of the “fading” cells. Matrices are molecules of a specific type that can affect genes, triggering their repair. It is an ideal component for restoring flabby and weak skin. The remedy is effective against all wrinkles – both mimic and age.hydrolyzed collagen – restores the firmness and elasticity of the skin, prevents moisture loss;corn gluten amino acids – the “building material” of collagen;allantoin – has a regenerating effect, softens and soothes the skin.
Application: Apply patches on clean skin under eyes. Remove them after 15-20 minutes. It should be used immediately after opening the package.Enjoy tight and supple skin with no visible age changes!1 pack: 2 patches.

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