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White tooth whitening toothpaste “Dr. Taiga”


Toothpaste with activated charcoal is a high-quality natural product that contains all natural ingredients. An effective and guaranteed alternative to teeth whitening.

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Removes stains and bad breath caused by frequent consumption of coffee, red wine and cigarettes. Protects enamel and gums.  A completely harmless product suitable for any age as well as for pregnant and nursing women.The primary quality of activated charcoal is to attract as magnet the dirt and remove them quickly and painlessly.

Since it does not have the color or smell, it is the perfect tool for teeth whitening and for complete oral hygiene.

The paste removes accumulated spots of coffee, cigarettes, wine, which are the main enemies of your pearl smile. Removes bacteria not only from the teeth, but also from the oral cavity, which guarantees less frequent visits to the dentist.

Created from 100% natural ingredients that will safely bleach and polish your teeth, slow down the appearance of tartar, do not injure gums, tighten enamel and do not make teeth sensitive.The product does NOT contain fluoride, parabens, SLS, fragrances and synthetic dyes. It contains natural surfactants that act as carefully as possible on the enamel. Regular use of activated charcoal is a great tool for preventing caries and gums.

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