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SKU 21310
Action: Effectively stops and prevents premature hair loss. Increases blood flow in the hearth of baldness and restores the balance of the mineral – vitamin complex required for protein synthesis and active hair growth. Contains a set of valuable vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Strengthens the roots and simulates the damaged hair cuticle. When used regularly, stimulates new hair growth, restores their strength and health.

With excessive hair loss.People with severe alopecia.In disorders of growth and hair reconstruction processes.

The effect of the application:

Eliminate the cause of hair loss.Increases blood flow of hair roots.Restores hair structure.Extends the life cycle of hair.

Method of application: Apply the shampoo to wet or damp hair. Massage into the scalp for around 1-2 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Efficiently stops and prevents premature hair loss.

The balm boosts blood supply and scalp nourishment and eliminates causes of dandruff. Promotes hair strengthening and growth, improves its structure and provides it with silkiness and resilience.

Recommended for thinning hair.

APPLICATION: When using as a conditioner, apply it to cleansed damp hair for 2-3 minutes, massage in and thoroughly rinse out. When using as a mask, apply it to cleansed damp hair for 20 minutes, then thoroughly rinse out.

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