Eye Corrective Serum,Moisturizing & Regenerating,36pcs SKU: 10102


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SKU: 10102


  1. Eye Corrective Serum,Moisturizing & Regenerating,36pcs
  2. SKU: 10102
  3. The serum ensures the extra-rich nourishment of your skin, helps combat the causes of age-related changes, while protecting cells from free radicals and replenishing moisture deficit. Serums are champions in terms of their content of active components. They are rightly called “beauty concentrates” – the amount of biologically active substances contained in these skincare products is on average ten times larger than in creams. Advantages of cosmetic serums in the Corrective Serum TianDe line: • free of preservatives; • high percentage of natural components (hydrolyzed silk – 40%, evening primrose oil ethers – 16.8%, evening primrose oil – 16.8%, jojoba oil – 6%, oil of jojoba beads – 6%, vitamin Е – 4%, ceramides – 3%), helping reduce the depth of wrinkles and restoring skin’s resilience; • usage results are immediately visible: the skin directly the receives the necessary amount of active substances in the most absorbable form.

Application: Gentle pat gently apply the product to cleansed skin around the eyes 1-2 times a day. Can be used as a one-time, when it is necessary to urgently restore skin tone and get rid of traces of fatigue, as well as courses for 10-15 days for more complex and deep recovery 3-4 times a year.


Active Components:


Vitamin E (Tocopherol) nourishes,regenerates,slows down aging processes by neutralizing free radicals.


Jojoba – Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil compensates for the lack of nutrients in the skin,encourages the smoothing out of wrinkles.Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil is used in cosmetics as a vegetable substitute of spermacetivaluable animal wax derived from the head of the sperm whale.


Evening Primrose Oil Decyl Esters softens and smooth the skin,leaving age-related changes less visible.


Ceramide Complex (Ceramide1,Ceramide3,Ceramide6) fortifies the barrier function of the skin,increases its resistance to adverse environmental factors;protects the skin from overdrying,makes it smooth and elastic

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