Water Soluble Pearl Powder Mask. ◼4.2 POINTS


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SKU 50224.
Pearl Powder Mask – SPA Technology
100% of the mask’s composition is pearl powder, which is grinded natural pearl.

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100% of the mask’s composition is pearl powder, which is ground natural pearl.
Pearl is a first-line energy supplier for cells. It is able to increase the production of
cell “fuel”: adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which plays the role of universal energy
accumulator and carrier in living organisms.

Pearls contain 22 amino-acid types, which are very important for the skin. They act
similarly to the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF), therefore, they hydrate
epidermis superbly.

Pearl powder is “precious nutrition” for cells:
• thanks to its content of bioavailable calcium, it promotes the excretion of toxins,
improves tissue metabolism, and blocks the action of free radicals;
• is a source of the freely-assimilated protein conchiolin, which is known as “pearl
protein.” A natural antioxidant and moisturizer, it regulates the skin’s water balance
and pH level;
• pearl is a natural clarifier; it suppresses melanin synthesis and helps restore the skin’s
healthy glow, eliminating nevi pigmentosis.

Pearl powder is an expensive ingredient, and
rightfully so — it takes 12 years for a natural pearl
to grow to the size of just a pea!

• Strengthens the cell’s protective powers, activates flabby, tired skin, enhances its
immune capabilities.
• Moisturizes and nourishes, makes the skin fresh and firm.
• Stimulates circulation, promotes active cell regeneration.

Mix pearl powder with warm (+30˚С) water (milk, fruit juice), bring it to the consistency
of thick sour cream, then apply it to the cleansed skin for
15-20 min. Wash off with water.
Suitable for skin of any type and age.

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