Toothpaste “Green tea + Sanchi ginseng”, Tooth & gum protection,120 g. ◼3.5 POINTS

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Toothpaste “Green tea + Sanchi ginseng”, Tooth & gum protection,120 g
SKU: 60144
Ensures total care of the oral cavity: removes dental plaque, takes care of your gum health, and prevents tooth decay while promoting fresh breath.The tooth paste contains natural antibacterial components of green tea and menthol extracts. The extract of Sanchi ginseng root helps normalize metabolic processes in periodontal tissues.Suitable for continuous use due to its mild cleansing formula, based on hydrated silica and the absence of fluorine, parabens, chlorhexidine, or triclosan in its composition.We recommend using it with the ProDental Tooth Brush.

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