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Tibetan Herbs” Intensive Eye Skin Complex, 100pcs+10ml
SKU: 12106
The product consists of two parts.
Eye Mask: Ultra soft mask enriched with bioactive ingredients which provide regeneration and increase skin density and elasticity in the area around the eyes. It has an instant anti-puffiness effect and makes wrinkles and crow’s feet less visible. Reduces dark circles under the eyes and eliminates traces of fatigue. Moisturizes and makes the skin radiant. Relieves inflammation and redness.
Phyto Essence: Geranium, rose and lavender oils prolong the effect of the mask. Essential oils of jasmine, ylang-ylang and ginger give energy, youth and smoothness. Herbal extracts intensely nourish skin cells, stimulate their regeneration, enhance skin protective properties and improve circulation.
The skin around the eyes transforms after the first application. It looks lively, young and fresh. Regular use eliminates age-related changes and makes the skin smooth and elastic.

Active ingredients: • Water from natural sources – moisturizes and cleanses. • Essential oils – regulate energy balance and cell regeneration, enhance skin protective functions, nourish, improve circulation. • Herbal extracts – activate intercellular processes, soothe, soften, moisturize and strengthen the skin. • Active ingredients – help preserve moisture, stimulate cell regeneration and collagen synthesis. • Vitamins – enrich the skin with nutrients and trace elements, enhance its protective function. • Pro-vitamin B5 – stimulates cell regeneration, enhances the strength of collagen fibers, soothes. Application: Apply the mask on cleansed skin around the eyes for 15-20 min, then take it off and rinse the face with water. Apply a small amount PhytoEssence around the eyes. It is recommendable to use the mask every day for a period of 10-15 days and then 2-3 a week. Recommended for use after the age of 35.

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