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↓Good physique and slim figure!
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It differs from the well-known weight loss products in that:

It has no diuretic and laxative effects but helps to normalize metabolism and improve metabolism. In motor mode (which is optional, but definitely helps), it helps to burn fat quickly.
Enhances immunity – thanks to its extremely valuable superfood composition, such as noni and goji berries, as well as vitamins and minerals rich in tea, making us feel invigorated, vigorous and resistant to viral infections and colds.
Detoxification effect – due to poor metabolism, residual unprocessed parts of our food accumulates in the intestine, causing additional problems with the absorption of food over time and, as a result, obesity. Our health and immunity are directly related to the condition of our gut. TianDe’s Slim Tea aids the process of disposing of the “slag” and improves the functioning of the intestine.
Removal of excess fluids – Stagnation of fluids in the body leads to the accumulation of cellulite. Tea helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite by regulating metabolism and water-salt balance.
Reduction of appetite, in particular appetite for sweet – eternal appetite is directly related to overweight and inability of the body to process 100% carbohydrates and fats. What remains unprocessed in the body accumulates on the waist and hips. Tea helps to reduce our appetite for high carbohydrate products.
Slim tea helps to follow the diet easily, if any, without side effects and health threats. It does not remove vitamins and minerals from the body, but on the contrary – enriches them with them due to its composition. It has a nice fruity taste.

Tea can be taken daily for a long time, there is no risk of addiction or overdose.

Noni fruits, barberries and rosehips, and corn hair, which are sources of natural potassium, which removes excess fluid from the body and helps reduce cellulite. This complex of vitamins and minerals strengthens the immunity. Corn hair is a source of pantothenic acid, known as Vitamin B5 – it activates the process of lipolysis (elimination of excess body fat). It helps the body redirect excess carbohydrates, lipids and proteins from the nutrition menu to building the skin and its protective barrier, which is another plus for our skin when consuming tea. Natural Vitamin B5 helps to convert carbohydrates and fats into energy.
Wild rose and barberry are sources of pectin that helps toxins from the intestines.

Method of preparation:
Pour 1 filter bag with warm water (75-80 degrees). Steam for 5-10 minutes. Recommended intake – fasting.

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