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Tiande sheep placenta face tonic is a product that enters the daily care of every lady. The product can be used in 2 ways:as a finishing facial cleansing product;as a foundation for the face placed before the day or night face cream.Benefits of using a placental tonic:Maintains the normal acidity of the skin – to be applied after washing the face, when it is possible that the normal acidity is disturbed. It neutralizes the action of hard water and the acidity that the skin receives from detergents.Completes the stage of facial cleansing – successfully removes makeup residue or external impurities left on the skin.Prolongs and enhances the effect of subsequently applied facial products.Active ingredients: Sheep placenta – an anti-aging action that has proven its effectiveness thousands of years ago. It contains more than 100 components – proteins, nucleic and amino acids, polysaccharides, lipids, vitamins, trace elements and others that act comprehensively in the direction of rejuvenation. The active components act on the fibroblasts to produce elastin and collagen, as well as active regeneration of damaged tissues.Witch hazel – a shrub known as “witch hazel”. It contains tannin, which helps to tone and refresh the skin. Tightens pores, softens, nourishes, smoothes.Sodium hyaluronate – forms a light film on the skin that retains moisture and reduces water evaporation from the skin. Improves skin turgor, makes it lighter.Method of use:
Apply 1-2 times a day, placing on the fingers and then on the face.Suitable for all skin types after 30 years.

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