Night Phitomembrane Hygiene Pads



At night during menstrual periods Night time. Sanitary pads Herbal energy 8 pcs.

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Herbal Energies Night Phytomembrane Hygiene Pads,8pcs
SKU: 61903
The newest technology for making sanitary pads ensures their super porous surface structure as well as the air permeability of the basic layer made of 100% natural cotton. This guarantees the highest degree of hygroscopicity and excludes the occurrence of stagnant phenomena, prevents symptoms of irritation, burning and itching.

Recommended for: complex therapy of all kinds of gynecological diseases, manifestations of inflammatory processes including candidiasis (thrush), prevention of gynecological diseases normalization of hormonal balance, improvement of intimate life. Use the pads from the first day of the cycle.

Night Phyto Membrane Hygiene Pads contain an express-test that controls microflora and pH level.

– during inflammatory processes the microflora of female genitals is disturbed and pH level is increased to 4.5 and more.

– Express-test determines the condition of the organs as follows: normal, mild inflammation, a serious illness.

Multi-component composition of the pads provides full comfort. High quality viscose surface: helps for quick absorption; Phyto Membrane: acts as a healing compress, provides high air permeability. 100% natural cotton layer: immediately absorbs liquid and allows the skin to breathe; Ultra absorbent polymer: turns the liquid into gel and prevents leakage. Outer layers: blocks the liqui

At night during menstrual periods Night time. Sanitary pads Herbal energy 8 pcs.

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