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Phyto mouthwash
SKU: 65905
How often do you eat snacks? And how often do you have a full diet? After each meal, microscopic food remnants remain between the teeth (you may not see them, but they are certainly there) and pathogenic bacteria begin to multiply in the oral cavity. As a result, we may smell an unpleasant bad breath, have periodically swollen gums and develop tooth decay. All this can be easily prevented by regular use of Dr.’s mouthwash. Taiga. Thanks to the active ingredients, it will help you keep your breath fresh throughout the day and prevent problems with teeth and gums. Mouthwash Dr. Taiga represents: – prevention of caries and periodontitis – fight against bacteria and unpleasant odors – healthy gums and fresh breath for a long time. The product is part of the Dr. series Taiga. In the taiga it is possible to find truly unique plants, which have great healing power. We have selected the best of them and created a range of products for the oral cavity that will take care of your snow-white smile and gum health.

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