Hands Cream Rich With Oil And Paraffin, 75ml SKU40201


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SKU: 40201


Hands Cream Rich With Oil And Paraffin, 75ml

SKU: 40201

Treat yourself to paraffin therapy with natural oils of peach, shea, babassu, and vitamin E.

In just 20 minutes, the skin will be intensively treated and your hands will be smooth and well-groomed.


Hands Cream with Paraffin:


restores hydration

nourishes soften the skin and increases its elasticity

ideal for dry skin and helps fight dehydration

Paraffin therapy is also suitable for nails and cuticles. Thanks to its saturated composition, paraffin cream is also suitable for thicker parts of the body. It softens the heels and elbows perfectly.


Active Components:


Vitamin Е is the skin’s “youth vitamin”. It earned this title because of its ability to protect the skin against the damaging effect of free radicals, nourish and slow down aging processes of skin cells. If there were a contest among vitamins for the best one for the skin, tocopherol would definitely be among the top three.

Prunus persica Peach oil is a universal base oil that is suitable for all skin types. In Tibetan medicine, it has been used to treat many problems, including skin problems. Peach oil perfectly hydrates and nourishes the skin, acts against drying and peeling of the skin, accelerates tissue regeneration, has a beneficial effect on the nail plate and surrounding skin.

Shea butter is one of the rarest essential oils. It has regenerating effects, hydrates and softens the skin, triggers deep regeneration processes, stimulates the synthesis of its own collagen, improves skin colour and protects it from the effects of UV radiation.

Babassu oil is effectively applied in body skin and nail care. By nourishing and moisturizing the skin, the oil restores its natural barrier and protects from dehydration. Because of high lauric acid percentage, the oil possesses germicidal properties. And the antioxidants that are contained in it – vitamin Е and phytosterols – ensure its ability to fight premature skin ageing.


Apply cream-paraffin on your hands, and wear disposable gloves. After 20 minutes, remove the product with a salt scrub or dry wipe.

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