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Master Herb Damaged Erasing Hair Balm
The balm, enriched with an active plant complex, efficiently cares for the scalp, saturating the hair with nutrients and vitamins, repairs the structure of damaged hair and has a regenerating and hydrating effect.

Plant proteins found in natural extracts boost blood circulation in the upper layers of the scalp, strengthen hair roots, activate its growth and prevent hair loss. Facilitates styling. Suitable for all hair types.

When using as a conditioner, apply it to cleansed damp hair for 2-3 minutes, massage in and thoroughly rinse out. When using as a mask, apply it to cleansed damp hair for 20 minutes, then thoroughly rinse out.

Chinese ginseng

Chinese ginseng root extract activates microcirculation in the scalp, improves the nourishment of hair bulbs, reduces hair loss.


Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract improves blood circulation in the scalp, refreshes, tones, suppresses the growth of bacteria, prevents the appearance of skin irritation.


Zingiber officinale root extract activates blood circulation improving the nourishment of hair bulbs. Accelerates hair growth, strengthens hair.

Pimenta officinalis

Pimenta officinalis leaf oil makes hair glossy and smooth, facilitates combing.


Thymus serpyllum leaf extract improves metabolic processes, activates cell nourishment.

Medicago sativa

Medicago sativa seed extract contains a lot of vitamins, strengthens hair, accelerates hair growth.

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